Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot


Gone are the days where consumers would patiently sit on their phones waiting for a call centre agent to sort out their problems. Those calls were always tedious and frustrating. Consumers often spent more time waiting for a call centre agent to become available, than what they did having their issue solved. In an ever growing digital landscape this model no longer works.

Consumers want their problems fixed instantly with minimal effort on their part. Businesses providing quick and efficient solutions to problems appear the most attractive to their customers. How then does a business stay ahead of the curve?

In 2016, Business Insider released a report which indicated that consumers spent more time on messenger apps, than what they did on Social Networking apps. Facebook Messenger alone is used by more than one billion people per month. In order for a business to get the attention of consumers, it needs to reach them on platforms they spend most of their time on.

Enter, Chatbots.

Chatbots are computer programmes designed to perform specific tasks, which are determined through communication with consumers using a chat-type interface. Two types of chatbots exist. One uses artificial intelligence to communicate with consumers and provides a response based on their input. The other provides users with multiple prompts to determine their need. Whether a chatbot is built on your company’s website, or created on Messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, they can be beneficial to your business for several reasons.

1. Increased User Engagement

Consumers expect businesses to be available to them 24/7. If your business only relies on human resources, this is not possible. This is where chatbots come in to solve this problem. Chatbots are available around the clock. If Jeremy needs an insurance quote at 9pm, he can converse with the chatbot and quickly receive an answer to his question. Chatbots are also able to communicate with multiple consumers simultaneously.

2. Increased Revenue

Some chatbots are able to learn from previous interactions with consumers. Based on data collected from these conversations, they can send individual consumers links to products they are likely to be interested in. For example, if a customer ordered a pair of Nikes, the chatbot will remember what they ordered, and can alert the customer each time a new pair arrives or make recommendations based on what clothing items would pair well with the sneaker. These recommendations are likely to convert into sales.

3. Cost Effective

Bots require little maintenance. Once they’ve been setup they function well without interruption. Bots can be set up to answer frequently asked questions that consumers would otherwise speak to call centre agents about. Your business is thus able to save the money it would otherwise spend on additional labour resources.

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